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YC18 TAS Broodstock

Year Class in Review

  • Date produced

  • Date stock put out in the water and which sites they went to

  • How many animals were counted

  • How the trials went

  • Was it a good or bad POMS season

EBV + Inbreeding Values

POMS spat EBV are presented on two scales intended to indicate spat survival with different intensities of POMS.  They are presented for a “hard POMS hit” and a “moderate POMS hit”.  This provides more information on the range of mortalities under different POMS severities. The EBV have been calibrated using the data from trials shown in Table 1.  The calibration has therefore been done with data from only one season and it is possible that more severe hits may occur, meaning EBV could also be scaled to a “very hard POMS hit”.  However, we do not have that sort of data for POMS so be aware that a more severe POMS hit may be possible. Please log onto the CSIRO Oyster Portal to calculate the EBV's and inbreeding values.


Broodstock Pictures

YC18 SA Broodstock

Allocation information

ASI is in the process of collecting YC18 performance data and has been delayed due to travel restrictions. Once we are able to travel and assess the stock, we will be able to advise on allocation timelines.

EBV + Inbreeding Values


Broodstock Pictures

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