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2020 TAS Broodstock

Year Class in Review

EBV + Inbreeding Values

79 2020 families were produced at IMAS Taroona from 17/09/2020 - 21/10/2020 using 2016, 2017 and 2018 broodstock. Four spat trials were deployed, with the first being deployed in 16/12/2020 for POMS exposure trials at Pitt Water, Pipeclay and Little Swanport.

As we did not observe any POMS mortality in our 2020 trials, the families have been allocated based on predicted EBV. Predicted EBV’s should provide reasonable estimates of POMS resistance but the accuracy will increase as we are able to add more data. To fast track and maximise our chances of collecting data to strengthen the predicted EBV, we have set up a 1-year-old POMS trial at Pitt Water for this summer. We have selected the smallest spat from this year class in the hope that we may be able to see mortality this summer. We have also put the 2020 into a rapid maturation phase so that they can be used for this year’s breeding. Again, POMS activity in the spat derived from these families will strengthen the 2020 EBV’s. We will keep you informed of progress throughout the summer.


The button below takes you to a separate CSIRO website which allows hatcheries to calculate inbreeding/EBV values. For further questions, please refer to FAQ's page or contact the General Manager, Matt.


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YC20 SA Broodstock

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