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ASI COVID-19 Stakeholder Letter

Dear Industry stakeholder,

I am writing in these difficult times to keep you informed about the effects of the COVID-19 on ASI. We are anticipating that ASI income will be impacted quite heavily as Oyster sales virtually cease and growers are forced to make very tough decisions, one of which may be cancelling seed inputs. We are communicating with industry about these impacts, but like everybody else we don't know how long this will go on.

We have applied for the financial support available from State and Federal governments. Receipt of these funds means we can retain our staff on a full time basis for the foreseeable future. We have also drawn up budgets for several revenue scenarios, ranging from a complete lack of income, through to returning to normal income by October this year. Cash flow will be monitored monthly and action taken to reduce costs as needed. Staff have also been asked to take rec leave.

Data collection from YC19 families currently on farms is critical for the continued value of the program. Arrangements have been made with the farms involved for ASI staff to access the oysters over coming weeks, with appropriate regard to maintaining physical distancing.

Since ASI staff in Tasmania cannot travel to SA, arrangements have been made with growers holding ASI broodstock to carry out the tasks required. Growers will be paid for this service and will be guided remotely by ASI staff.

As always, we are critically dependent on payment of the ASI service fee by hatcheries. Each State Industry Association and Oysters Australia are working hard with governments to finds ways of supporting the industry and we will work with them wherever possible.

Our thoughts are with you all at this time.

Kind regards,

Matt Cunningham

General Manager

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